Clogged Sink Services in Ottawa

Expert, Prompt, And Effective Plumbing Services To Unclog Sinks

Don't Let a Clogged Sink Slow You Down!

Is the water in your sink draining slowly or not at all? Your daily schedule shouldn’t be disrupted by a clogged sink. Your go-to option for any concerns with sink drains is Aqua Drain. Our skilled plumbers are equipped to handle blockages of any size and can restore your sink’s functionality quickly and effectively.

Our staff of knowledgeable plumbers has a great lot of expertise in clearing up different sink drain obstructions. We have the knowledge to treat any clog with professionalism and accuracy, whether it is caused by food particles or grease accumulation.

Because we recognize how inconvenient a blocked sink may be, we make every effort to offer quick service. The issue will be resolved swiftly by our staff after receiving your call, with the least possible interference with your regular routine.

Common Causes of Clogged Sinks

It can be stressful to deal with a blocked sink, especially if it interferes with your regular activities. You can take preventive actions to protect your sinks from clogging by being aware of the common causes of them. At Aqua Drain, we’ve experienced clogged sinks for a variety of causes, including:

  • Food Debris and Grease
  • Soap Scum and Hair
  • Foreign Objects
  • Hard Water Minerals
  • Aging Pipes
  • Incorrect Installation
  • Excessive Use of Sink Garbage Disposal
  • Pouring Inappropriate Items Down the Drain
  • Tree Root Infiltration (For Outdoor Sinks)
  • DIY Repairs Gone Wrong

You can prevent sink blockages by taking preventive actions if you are aware of these typical reasons. Sink strainers should be cleaned frequently, improper objects should not be flushed, and care should be taken with what is put in the sink. Never hesitate to call Aqua Drain if you run into a difficult-to-clear clog. Our skilled plumbers can quickly identify and remove sink obstructions, returning your sinks to full operation.

How We Serve our Plumbing, Sewer
& Drain Clients

We apply the same level of workmanship and attention to detail on every Ottawa plumbing & sewer project, no matter how big or small the job may be. When it comes to the plumbing business, there’s no substitute for hard work, dedication and pride in a job well done.
When you hire a plumbing contractor in Ottawa, you deserve full value for your money. This includes effective, timely communication and service that goes above and beyond. Aqua Drain will keep you in the loop and serve you with a smile.
With over 50 years of experience as plumbers in Ottawa, we’re no fly-by-night plumbing contractor. We’ve earned trust, repeat business and referrals by working hard, delivering results that are on-time and on budget, and treating people with respect and dignity.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not advised to use chemical drain cleaners since they may damage your pipes and may not remove the obstruction completely. In addition, some chemicals have the potential to damage the ecosystem. It is better to stay away from chemical drain cleaners and depend instead on qualified plumbers who unclog sinks using safe, effective solutions.

Avoid using your blocked sink until it is unclogged to avoid water backup and possible water damage. You might try gently using a plunger to remove the obstruction. Contact Aqua Drain for assistance from a qualified plumber if the obstruction continues or you are unable to remove it on your own.

Clogged sinks can cause leaks. A blocked sink’s standing water can exert strain on the pipes, possibly leading to cracks or leaks over time. Leaks and water damage can be avoided by promptly clearing a blocked sink.

A blocked sink can definitely raise your water cost. You could waste more water while waiting for the sink to drain if it drains slowly or not at all. Additionally, water leaks brought on by blockages may also be a factor in increased water costs.

A blocked sink’s standing water can serve as a haven for mould and germs, perhaps contaminating the water. To avoid health risks, sink obstructions must be immediately addressed.

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