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Common Plumbing Issues & Their Solutions

Common Plumbing issues

Owning a house or managing a property will always include dealing with common plumbing issues. These problems, which range from leaking faucets to clogged drains, can interfere with everyday activities and be frustrating. Fortunately, these plumbing issues are easily identifiable and come with fixable causes. As such the team from Aqua Drain Plumbing Services would like you to know about some common plumbing problems and the solutions.

Clogged Drains

Common Plumbing issues clogged drain

The buildup of hair, soap scum, food particles, oil, or foreign items like sanitary products or paper towels can cause drains to get clogged. These substances may accumulate over time and block the drainage of water. Sinks, showers, and bathtubs may drain slowly or have standing water in them because of clogged drains. You might try using a plunger or a drain snake to unclog a clogged drain. While a drain snake can remove the obstruction, plunging can push the clog loose through pressure. Chemical drain cleaners should only be used rarely and carefully because they can harm pipes. Examples of preventive measures include the use of drain guards to capture hair and debris, refraining from pouring grease down the drain, and routine use of baking soda and vinegar to clean drains.

Leaky Faucets

​​Even when the tap is closed, dripping or leaking faucets continue to produce water. A washer or O-ring that is worn down or broken is the most frequent reason for a leaking faucet. Due to frequent usage or mineral deposits, these components may degrade over time. The faucet may be leaking if water collects around it or drips noisily. To reach the washer and O-ring, the water supply must be shut off. Then the leaking faucet must is taken apart. The faucet is put back together after the worn-out components are changed out for new ones. It is essential to get in touch with a licensed plumber, such as Aqua Drain if you are unclear on how to go about doing this.

Running Toilets

A running toilet has a constant flow of water from the tank to the bowl, even when not in use. A malfunctioning flapper valve or an issue with the float mechanism are typically to blame for a running toilet. It’s possible that the flapper valve isn’t sealing properly, enabling water to keep flowing from the tank to the bowl. Regularly flowing water into the toilet bowl or audible water flow are common indications of running toilets. Check the flapper valve on your toilet if it is running and replace it if it is worn out or broken. Ensure the float mechanism is operating properly, make sure you adjust it or replace it if it isn’t. To attain the ideal tension, you may also try adjusting the chain that links the flush handle to the flapper. It is advised to seek expert assistance if these fixes don’t work.

Low Water Pressure

Common Plumbing issues low water pressure

Weak or insufficient water flow from taps or showers is referred to as low water pressure. Several things, including blocked aerators on faucets, mineral buildup in pipes, a broken pressure regulator, or problems with the main water supply, can cause low water pressure. A drastically decreased water flow and an extremely feeble spray from taps or showers are typical indicators of low water pressure. Water flow may often be restored by cleaning or replacing obstructed aerators. If the issue doesn’t go away, professionals like those from Aqua Drain should check the plumbing system for mineral buildup and, if required, clean the pipes. It could be necessary to repair or replace the pressure regulator if it isn’t working properly. When problems with the main supply are to blame for low water pressure, the best course of action is to get in touch with the water utility supplier.

Water Heater Problems

Inadequate hot water, strange noises, leaks, or no hot water at all are all examples of water heater issues. These problems may be brought on by silt accumulation, a broken heating element, a broken thermostat, or a tank leak. Unusual sounds (rumbling, popping), water puddles, and insufficient hot water delivery are typical indicators of water heater issues. Regularly flushing the water heater can assist to eliminate dirt and increase efficiency. Strange noises or a lack of hot water might be signs of a malfunctioning heating element or thermostat, which may need to be fixed or replaced. Because the water heater might need to be replaced, leaks in the tank typically call for expert assistance.

Frozen Pipes

Exposed pipes may freeze in freezing weather, potentially breaking and causing water damage. Pipes in unheated locations, such as crawl spaces, attics, or basements, are particularly vulnerable. Common signs of frozen pipes include no water flow from taps, visible ice on pipes, unusual noises, or bulging pipes. It’s crucial to use heating tape or foam pipe insulation to protect exposed pipes from freezing. Even when you’re not home, keeping the thermostat set at a constant temperature helps keep the house warm and prevents pipes from freezing. If a pipe does freeze, it is essential to gently defrost it using a hairdryer, warm cloths, or indirect heat. Never defrost pipes with an open flame or high heat since doing so might damage the pipes or cause fires. The best course of action is to contact a licensed plumber right away if a pipe bursts or if you’re unsure how to manage the problem.

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